How to Stop Long Term Loan Harassment

1500 payday loans are defined as the long term debts that will help a person in a dire financial situation. The spread of online payday loan lenders has increased in the past few years. Basically, this has further increased with the current economic downturn that has affected so many of us. In the past people can borrow money from other sources. These alternatives would include borrowing money from parents and siblings. However, many people are affected with the economic challenges, most of us all face, so your only choice might result in borrowing on a payday loan.

However, during the times when you are so hard up on cash, you will not be able to pay off these debts. If this happens, then most probably you will get calls that will harass and keep you stressed for several days. Hiding is no longer an option. You do not have the choice to run away from these creditors anymore. In order to stop the harassment of the calls and the collection methods, take the step and ask for assistance. This way you are facing your problems instead of running away from them.

There are several solutions to stop these phone calls. For a start, you need to ask for an extension on the loan. Technically, this will be the best choice for you. This will ensure your creditor that you are still in contact with them, and that you are willing to pay. When you file for the extension, be sure that this is within your limits. Otherwise, you will still be hounded by phone calls. It has also been assumed that the best way to stop the harassment is to pay off the debts by borrowing money from friends and family. However, this might seem a little vague as they will not have the funds to lend you.

Another method to ease the phone calls is to pay the $2000 loan with several small amounts. Again, the lenders will see this as your way of assuring them that you are still willing to pay and payoff your debts. If you are unable to repay the loan at all, you can write a letter to the company requesting they stop calling you. This is your notice to the company that they should stop calling you and instead connect with you through mail.

For worst case scenarios, the best way to get pass through these harassing phone calls is to record them. The moment insults happen and they threaten you, record it. This will be your grounds to counter sue the company for harassment and who knows? Maybe you will win the court case, and they will be the ones to pay you instead of the other way around. However, the simplest way to stop the calls is to pay the loans.…

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How to Get a Military Payday Loan

The military payday loans are specifically created for the persons who are working for the American military. In fact, there is a story that the creation of the laws to protect the borrowers is primarily because of the military personnel, which are borrowing money from these lenders. The reason behind this is that fact that many soldiers from the armed forces want to take some cash advance from their salaries. In the past, the rates for the loans were sky-high. This will often disable the soldier when his paycheck comes in. For this reason, the US congress created legislations that will control the interest rates of the loans.

It is important to note that most laws connected to the military loans are stricter. This is because lawmakers want to help the soldiers who protect them. They claim, that as these people help protect the country, they must do their own ways to help protect them from abusive lenders. On the other hand, military personnel that do not meet the financial obligations they are expected to pay will also have severe punishments. The penalties for nonpayment of the loans can mean court marshal, confinement and discharge from your duties.

To get a military payday loan, you need to understand the basics of the product and service being offered. The loans released are generally around 40 percent of the basic monthly payment of the borrower. This, of course, would depend on the rank of the military personnel. For those applying for the loans, the location of the personnel must be considered. If the borrower is located in the United States, the money can be released to their bank accounts in around one to five days from the approval. For those that are in overseas locations, the money can be released through Western Union or perhaps through Wire Transfer.

It would also be wise to check and ask around from other fellow officers and friends. There might have been some who have availed of the loans previously. Most likely, they will have an idea about the loan lenders who will provide you the best benefit. Another alternative is to search online. There are websites out there that will give insights and reviews about the different lenders in the market. It is essential to note as well that military payday loan lenders will not spend time to do some credit checking. As long as you are able to provide proof that you are part of the US Armed forces, then you will get approved.

To get faster approval for the payday lenders, you need to provide the necessary documents these lenders need. Three most basic prerequisites are the proof of military service, bank account, and a Leave and Earnings Statement. It is important that you take the time to check and review the reliability of the lending institution. If there is a lender out there that no one else has used, do be the first. You need to stick with lenders who have already been tried and tested.…

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