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Online Payday Loan Lenders – BBB Accredited

When it comes to giving your personal information online, you want to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. Since there are so many payday loan websites out there, how would you decipher from one site from another when it comes to safe guarding your personal information? This is why we have gathered a list of companies that are registered with the BBB, so you have someone on your side should a problem occur.

Here you will find a list of payday loan companies we recommend to use when looking for online payday loan lenders. These payday loan online direct lenders only provide short-term cash advances and provide excellent costumer service:

Speedy Cash

Loan: The maximum loan amount depends on the state, ranging from $250 to $1,000.
Fees: Loan fees, like the maximum loan amount, vary by state. It may range from $15 to $25 per $100 borrowed.

The site’s front page online is quite easy to navigate and offers great information regarding their available services. According to their site, Speedy Cash is one of the leading lenders in the country. Applying for a loan online is easy, and the decision comes in almost instantly. Once the loan has been approved, the amount can be received quickly usually on the following business day. Another good thing about the online application is that there is no faxing of documents required. The site is secure, and provides applicants with a number of means of contacting the support group for any questions or clarifications.

The fees may just be similar to what other online payday loan lenders offer, but the speed and convenience provided by Speedy Cash makes it worthy of consideration when looking for a payday loan lender online.


Loan: The amount that an applicant can take out is restricted to $500 in some states, but can go up to as high as $1,500 in other states. This is also determined by the borrower’s income.
Fees: Costs depend on the state. May range from $20 for every $100 borrowed, to $25 for borrowed amounts of $250 to $300 plus 30% APR.

Their application form is easy to understand and fill out, and the website is organized. They also provide lots of information about the company on their site, ranging from various articles to full disclosure of fees. The online service also appears to utilize encryption methods that sufficiently safeguard personal information transferred over the web.

Unlike many other payday loan lenders, CashNetUsa provides many ways in which loan applicants can contact them, and post a list of states where they are licensed to operate. Not only do they have a FAQ page, but they also offer telephone, live chat, and email support.

PayDay One

Loan: The maximum amount varies from $500 to as high as $1,000, depending on the state.
Fees: Interest rates vary per state, with some offering $22.50 per $100 borrowed.

The online application is simple, and can be filled out and submitted at any time. The site is guaranteed secure, and their user interface is easy to navigate. Once your loan application has been submitted, you can expect the decision within a matter of minutes. As soon as you accept the offer, it is guaranteed that the loan would be credited on the next business day, given that the loan was made before 5 PM. They also offer the Great Rate Guarantee feature which states that if you find a lower price with a similar online payday loan lender, they will match that rate. Another great thing about this company is that they offer one of the lowest rates among similar online loan lenders.

The downside is that though they provide information on how to get in touch with them, they do not offer live chat service. Nevertheless, PayDay One presents a satisfactory overall process, and remains somewhat less costly that other payday loan services.

Plain Green

Loan: First time applicants can loan as much as $1,000. Subsequent applications can be approved for loans up to $2,500.
Fees: Varies, may range from $0.90 down to $0.28 per day per $100 borrowed, depending on the length of loan term.

It is very easy to fill out the online application, and the website is user-friendly in that it is easy to navigate. Once submitted, it only takes a few seconds to know how much you were approved for. When you’ve accepted the offer, you can expect to have the loan deposited to your bank account within 24 hours. It is interesting to note that though the fees vary from person to person depending on several factors that include income, the typical loan offered by Plain Green costs a lot less than the average payday loan lenders. They also match your payment due dates with the dates when you get your pay, which ups the convenience presented by this company.

Combining an easy online application with high available loan amounts and applicant-friendly payment deals, Plain Green provides top-notch value.

Cash Central

Loan: Depending on the state, a prospective applicant can loan up to $500.
Fees: Loan fees vary by state, but the average is $15-$20 per $100 borrowed.

The online site is not only secure, but user-friendly and very informative, with a number of articles that range from detailing how the loan can be processed, to useful information communicated via the FAQ page. Their application process is simple, and operates 24/7. They also provide various means of contacting them through live chat with a customer representative, email, or telephone support. They also have a “refer a friend” program, wherein an existing customer can receive $20 if they can successfully refer a new customer to Cash Central.

All in all, Cash Central offers a satisfactory payday loan program with competitive fee rates; however, the downfall is that they do not offer their services in more states, and their loan limit is not exactly that high to begin with.

These are the best online payday loan lenders and they provide loans in the following states: * Alabama * Alaska * Arizona * Arkansas * California * Colorado * Delaware * Florida * Hawaii * Idaho * Illinois * Indiana * Iowa * Kansas * Kentucky * Louisiana * Michigan * Minnesota * Mississippi * Missouri * Montana * Nebraska * Nevada * New Hampshire * New Mexico * North Dakota * Ohio * Oklahoma * Oregon * Rhode Island * South Carolina * South Dakota * Tennessee * Texas * Utah * Virginia * Virgin Islands * Washington * Wisconsin * Wyoming

  • A member of the BBB is about as meaningful as a member of the Chamber of Commerce–if you can pay the membership fee every year, you’re in. If a formal complaint is lodged against you, you’re out. No homework, no due diligence, no background check, nothing until that complaint is lodged.

  • Fantastic thing,credit inside putting reading this attention! “This is exactly clearly one wonderful situation. Deserve for any priceless tips and also insights you have so provided here. Keep it up!”

  • You may be correct on being a member is paid for and they don’t background check however they keep a log of complaints I have used it many times just to make sure of a company that old saying sounds to good to be true most likely is. Did on on a payday advance 34 complaints and it list the complaints so it may not be the best system but it stopped me from making a mistake more than once.

  • Hi, I was looking for a payday loans online direct lenders and I checked out the recommended bad creidt payday loan lenders you suggested and I ended up going with Speedy Cash. I have fully paid back in the loan in two months time and I greatly thank you for your sound advice.

    Thanks so much!

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